ICAVI Annual Conferences

ICAVI annual conferences and documentaries in cooperation with other organizations: 2010-2011

Exiled Writers Ink,

International Coalition Against Violence in Iran (ICAVI)

One Million Signature Campaign


Iranian women: heroines or victims of transgression?                 Photo: Shahrokh Raisi    

On the occasion of the anniversary of the disputed presidential elections

and against the violence and terror that followed:

Women of Iran in coalition with their international allies present

a memorable evening of music, poetry, short films, analysis and debate.

Chair: Jennifer Langer, Exiled Writers Ink

Mansour Izadpanah, music to remember

Shirin Alam Hoii

Mehrangiz Rassapour (Pegah), poetry

Hila Sedigh, poetry recital with English sub-title

Shirin Razavian, poetry

Chair: Rouhi Shafii, ICAVI

Ann Harrison, Amnesty International Middle East Section

Sara Parhizgari; One Million Signature Campaign

Questions and Answers

Short film made by ICAVI.

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