A black bird on the road

A black bird opened its wings

which were white underneath

and let me read the message sent

by the high winds

which gushed through the valley.

Do not cross roads with me.

I am the force of nature

sent from the Gods

who dare not come down

and show their faces to the believers

in case they leave the earth behind

and take sanctuary in hell.

The blackbird flutters it’s wings

to fly to the faraway rivers

where the fish swim up stream

against the current.

Oh, my darling

how I wish I could ride away

over its wings so to swim up stream

and catch the first glimpse of the sunrise

over the waves.

Oh, my sweet dreams

open the gate and let them all come through.

True or false is not the question.

To believe or not believe

is the bigger barrier

to the seeker.

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