Today of all days

in this grey, chilly day,

I went past the street which was once

shared by me and you,

and the children of course.

Those lovely souls, who are children no more.

The hum of the high street, and passerby’s talking,

the roaring sound of cars,

coming from somewhere and

going somewhere.

The shops open.

Customers in and out.

The smell of coffee, the scent of fresh flowers,

and the Italian bar nearby.

All untouched by the missing time in between.

Missing was the familiar smile you once had,

as you spotted me from a distance.

Strangers we are now,

in this familiar road,

and all the other roads.

The smile evaporated

as you looked at me ,

and turned around.

Or was it you I just saw?

Or the memory stored somewhere,

in my long forgotten mind?

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