War is an ugly business

War, any war is wrong. After thousands of years and despite the futility of war among humans, we still encounter the ugly face of war. War brings with it destruction, displacement, human casualty, nature destruction and hostility among countries and nations.

In modern times, wars have become more destructive and more dangerous. Over centuries, people have resorted to war to resolve dispute or gain territories and natural resources. During the 20th century, the world witnessed devastating wars in almost all the continents. Millions were killed and perished, natural resources and civilisations were destroyed through wars. International bodies were set up to resolve disputes and prevent war. Still we encounter conflicts, some bloody as ever.

At present, Europe is facing the catastrophe of a war where Russia has invaded the neighbouring country Ukraine. The whole world has risen against this futile war. Demonstrations all over Europe including in Russia herself and outside Europe against the Russian aggression have erupted and condemned the war. Still Russia is attacking full force. The Ukrainian people are resisting the assault with all their power.

Let, hope the aggressor be defeated and the forces of freedom and selfdetermination among nations prevails.

War is ugly. All disputes can be resolved through negotiations and peace. Let’s denounce the war moguls and dictators and stand on the side of the freedom of choice among nations.

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