Aggression, Invasion, Destruction Women and children caught up in the middle. War is ugly and destructive of lives and resources. The invasion of an independent and sovereign Ukraine by Russian forces is brutal, unjustified and against all international conventions and treaties. Regardless of the reasons behind attacking a sovereign country and the condemnation of the whole world, the destruction of towns and resources will take decades to reconstruct. What is irreplaceable is the loss of lives. The invasion which is in its third week is killing many people, including women and children. Bombing a maternity hospital is a war crime that adds to the crime of invasion. Ukraine and destroying its infrastructure. The Russian invasion has left millions homeless and forced them to seek refuge internally or in the neighbouring countries. International Coalition Against Violence in Iran (ICAVI) condemn the unlawful invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the destruction of towns and the infrastructure of that country as well as the loss of lives, the displacement of millions and the violation of human rights, especially women and children. ICAVI condemns the cooperation between Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran which has isolated our country from the international community and driven us further away from the aspires of the Iranian people which is peaceful coexistence with the rest of the world. Russia has never been a friendly neighbour to us and Iran’s long history with Russia is full of treachery and deceit.ICAVI, along with other human rights organisations and people of the world stands by the Ukrainian people and feel their pain as we experienced it during the 8 years Iran-Iraq war. We stand by the international community in condemning the invasion of a sovereign country which only serves the aspirations of self-righteous individuals and the multinational corporations and arms dealers. We firmly believe the age of emperors, empires, supreme leaders and Tzars has long been expired and the world had moved way beyond such notions. International Coalition Against Violence in Iran (ICAVI)

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