A nation against compulsory Hejab

Women of Iran rejected and refused the compulsory hejab right from the beginning. the first demonstrations against ayatollah Khomeini’s remark’s on hejab was on 8 March 1979, where I was a part of the 20,000 women to march from Tehran university to the then prime minister’s offices some kilometres away. Since then, billions of Iran’s money has been wasted on keeping women under control and it has failed. The various corpses which control big cities streets have a budget more than other institutions, just to harass, detain, torture, humiliate, imprison and fine women and create criminal records for them in order to bring them in line with what is their moto, their flag of Islamisation. It never succeeded. women of Iran, generation after generation rejected the compulsory hejab and now they are on the cross road to overthrow a regime which has acted as a cancerous tumour of islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East and the whole world. I solute the young girls who are now, at this moment on the streets, burning their head scarves and stand in front of the armed police, challenging them. It will not be late, soon very soon you will walk on the streets of our beautiful cities and towns and villages free from the scarf and wave your hair to the wind.

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