The killing of Mahsa Amini

Imagine you travel to the capital from a small town to visit its wonders. To see the big city for the first time. to visit its attractions and do some shopping and then go home with memories which would stay with you for long time.
This did not happen to Mahsa Amini, the 22 years old girl who travelled with her parents and brother to Tehran. She was spotted by the Morality Police on getting out of the underground and taken to a van among her cries and her brother’s protest. They said her Hejab was not proper according to their instructions! They said many things to justify the, the beatings and intimidation of that young, innocent girl who was so alone among the unfamiliar circumstances.
She collapsed in the detention hall and never gained consciousness. She died two days later of allegedly the blow to her head.
Now, Iran has stood up against the brutality of the morality police and the entire system of corrupt, violent and human rights abuser of all times.
Now, Iranians in Iran and outside have come together to say “ Woman, Life, Liberty”.
Mahsa’s unfortunate death brought with it the unity we were seeking against the Islamic Republic which had ruined our country and destroyed the lives of so many Iranians from every aspect you look at it.
Mahsa’s unfortunate death brought the plight of the Iranian women once again to the surface where they have been saying all along that they do not want the compulsory Hejab. They want equality of opportunities, abolition of gender discrimination laws and in short: the Death of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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