In my solitude

In my solitude, I write your name on a blackboard and wipe it out immediately.
In my solitude,
I write a poem for you,
On the corner of this wine bar.
In my solitude I cry my longings for love
Over a glass of wine.
In my solitude I close my eyes
To imagine you the way you were , when I first saw you on that crowded street.
I locked my gaze on you
And you turned around to say hello to the girl
who was waiting at the table next to me.
I wiped the girl off the picture
and took your hand running away from the scene.
In my solitude I played the scene of our encounter a million times.
There you were and you were not.
There I was and I wan not.
My imagination played tricks on me as I wrote your name on a scented leaf
And sent it to the waves to take it away
Into the oblivion.

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