This poem was written on 22 April 2002, in the wake of Palestine being bombarded by Isreal and the invasion of Iraq.

A poem for Palestine

This world which has conceived

So much misery

In her bloated womb

Must be blown up by

A suicide bomber

An American bomber

An English bomer


Sa’adam Hossein’s

Weapons of mass destruction.


Those humans

Who grew up

In the gas chambers

And the Auschwitz camps

Must be frozen enmasse.


Our opaque eyes

which stare at the TV screens

Day and night

In disbelief

In horrid

In fear

In indifference

In admiration

At the scale of destruction

And the holocaust

Of olive groves

And orange groves

Must be washed

In clean, cool waters

Of an unpolluted

Highland spring

In planet Mars.


Our brains


In the barbed wires

Of words

Humanity, justice, retribution

Brotherhood, sisterhood

Compassion, peace

In a steel dictionary

Do not comprehend

The scale of human savagery.


Our hearts

Our machine-made hearts


Nylon-made hearts

Ache no more.


And our opaque eyes

Which look for silk

In a steel dictionary

Do not see anymore.


And our thoughts

Swim in pools of blood

In a world with no eyesight

No heartache



Our machine-made thoughts

Media-made thoughts

Corrupt thoughts

George W. Bush-made thoughts

Blairite-made thoughts

Thatcherite-made thoughts

Made in the civilised world

Thoughts which are not allowed

To think of a world

Which overnight

Creates foes from anonymity

Foes who were not terrorists


Suicide bombers

When on this side,

Foes, who once

On the other side,

Aim to destroy

The civilised world

The birthplace of

The atom bomb

Weapons of mass destruction

The centre of mass destruction

And barbed wires.


And Him, who

One cool summer night

Turned from a tamed scholar

Fully equipped

Fully trained with American weaponry

Into a foe

And brought with him

Down the whole world.


And I, who in normal circumstances

am a normal, below average cirtizen

Is cornered to make friends

With George W. Bush

And ally with him

Or declared his enemy

And eligible for destruction

On the spot.


And my synthetic thoughts

Machine-made thoughts

Are ordered to shape

To decide and cast vote

For one candidate

Robert Mogabe

Or Robert Mogabeh.


And my eyes are ordered not to see

And not to register

The haolocaust of Palestine

And the refugee camps

And the woman

Who is a refugee

In her own home

Who scatters dead soil

On her head and wails

For her son

Whom she cannot marry off

And whom, he would not

Bring her grandchildren

And whose naighbours

Have been massacred enmasse

By the fully trained

Survivors of the concentration camps

Those who are not victims

No more

But occupiers


Murderers of

Olive groves

And orange groves

And the subterranean waters

And foetuses in the womb

Of every Palestinian woman.


And my tamed mind

Is ordered

To get ready for the timing

When, after a barbeque

At the White House

George W. Bush

In a jolly mood

Decides to call

The Right Honourable Tony Brair

To both agree

On the timing

To bomb the Iraqi people.


Oh, God

If you are

From wherever you are

Please demand

That your Messangers

Christ, Moses and Mohammad

Convene their general assembly

And give their followers

Hearts to feel

Eyes to see

Brains to think


Order them to add

A clause in their declaration

Aimed at George W. Bush

To soften his stand

To let me decide between

Him and

Tony Brair

Him and

Margaret Thacher

Him and Atiel Sharon

Benjamin Netynyahu

Him and Sa’adam Hossein

Him and Khomeini


 22 April 2002

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