Afghan women, one more step backwards

Since the coming to power of Taleban in Afghanistan, women have been driven into home step by step. First from key positions, then high schools and now in the latest move, from the university.
what will be the future of a female in a country where she is not allowed to participate in the public life?

Women of Afghanistan need our support and our help to go to school and higher education and be included in the workforce. In the absence of any monitoring agency to overlook the situation of women and force the Taleban to allow women into schools and universities, they have no chance to confront such an evil, backward power who has taken over the country,

We, as Iranians are very concerned about the situation in Afghanistan but unfortunately, we are fighting an evil power in our country and once we are free of the Islamic regime in iran, we will be in a position to help our sisters in Afghanistan. Until that day, which will not be very long, we hope our sisters can stand up for their rights.

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