Renewed pressure on women and the increase in death penalty!

Is the Islamic regime in Iran frightened of collapse and gone on the rampage of women and innocent people?
Recent orders to bring contingencies of wild mercenaries on the streets to attack the women who go out with the attire of their choice, and dragging them into the now reemergence of the guidance patrols on the one hand, and issuing death penalty for a wide range of people including a rapper artist, Toomaj Salehi and many others are signs that this regime is reaching its end.
The futile hostility with half of the world, arming various groups and waging war against Israel and the West and creating chaos among the deteriorating economic situation are all indications that the regime has lost grips of reality. The reality that its is hated by the majority of Iranians who are caught up in economic chaos and poverty, repression and corruption and left with no future.
Among various groups of people suffering from the current situation, women and girls are in the forefront of the struggle. Exactly two years after the Women-Life-Freedom movement following the murder of Mahsa/Jina Amini, and while women forced the regime to ignore them coming on the streets without the imposed Hejab, a new wave of assault has began in order to divert attention from the crisis they are facing. Women of Iran have been the barometer of the regime’s power or weakness.
Now, it is time for all the people inside and outside of the country to raise their voices against all the assault on women, the increase in death penalty including that of Toomaj Salehi, a you artist rapper and many others on the row.

Now, it us time for all Iranians inside and outside to tell the world that they do not want this corrupt, cruel, inhumane regime.
Now, it is time to remind ourselves that we deserve more than this. We deserve to live free of fear, to choose our own way of life, to live in peace with our neighbors and the world,

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