Rouhi Shafii, is a social scientist, writer and translator.

She worked in various managerial positions before the 1979 revolution. After the revolution she engaged in translating and writing. She has published the following books:

From English into Farsi into English

1- Women of Vietnam during the US invasion, published in Iran.

2- Argentina and the Peron dictatorship.

3- Chile and the US coup against Salvador Allende.

In English:

Translation from Farsi

1- Migrating Birds, poems written by Jaleh Esfahani.

2- The Anthems of Love, a collection of poems by young poets.


3- Scent of Saffron, a memoirs.

4- Pomegranate Hearts, an historical novel.

5- Iranian Women, one step forward, two steps backwards.

Books in Farsi

6- Gates to the Great Civilisation ( memoirs).

7- Review of 6 books in Farsi

8- Three books in English, published on Exile writers Ink online magazine.

9- Apart from writing and translating, Rouhi has been active in many campaigns for over 40 years, including Amnesty International, English Pen, Stop honor killings in Iran. She has often travelled to Geneva to attend the UN human rights council and given talks on the side events.

10- In 2010 and after the Green Movement uprising with a number of colleagues she set up International Coalition Against Violence in Iran (ICAVI). Over a period of 10 years ICAVI organised many conferences in the UK and Europe and lobbied members of parliaments against the Iranian regime.

11- Rouhi has regularly given interviews on Iran. As a public speaker, she often talks on women’s rights and situation Iran.

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