The Tragedy of the Middle East

The tragedy of the Middle East began with the 1979 revolution in Iran and the coming to power of a fundamentalist Islamic regime which not only destroyed the fabric of the Iranian society but destroyed many other societies by interfering in other Middle Eastern countries.
This escalated after the end of Iran/Iraq war and later the invasion of Iraq by the US and UK and the chaos which ensued, the creation of Alquadeh and Taleban by the Arab countries and invasion of Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban and years later leaving Afghanistan to the new generation of the Taliban. The Arab Spting and its failure and the emergence of another dangerous Islamic brand: Daesh which took over parts of Iraq and Syria.
The situation in Yemen, and the tragedy of Palestine.
All the chaotic situations in the region span from the slogans by the Islamic regime in Iran which spread ambitions if Islam conquering the world .
Above all this chaos, the tragedy of Palestine and the Palestinians who are caught up in the situation of no resolve. Isreal wants to destroy Palestinians and drive them from their homes in order to expand its own territory. The Islamic fundamentalist Hamas which us mainly funded by Iran paves the way for the Israelis ultra jews who are killing the Palestinians in their thousands . Now, after months war and destruction of Ghaza and starvation and famine for more than two million people the war has no prospect of ending.

These are the babies who have been taken out of the incubator and scattered like animals. The children of Ghaza cannot have a future if destruction continues.

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