Poisoning school children is a crime against humanity in Iran.

The revolution of Women-Life-Freedom which started by the murder of Mahsa Amini in police custody in September 2022 soon became a national and international phenomenon which posed a threat to the very existence of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Unable to stop the revolution which is deep rooted in the hatred of the people of the Islamic regime and its revengeful leader, the regime has resorted to various tactics of violence and intimidation. Thousands have been imprisoned, tortured and some executed. The revolution has continued. Unable to control the chaos of inflation and deteriorating economic situation, the regime has again resorted to violence against protesters.
Since November 2022, a new vicious cycle of violence targeted school children, mainly girls. Children fell ill through inhaling contaminated air at schools. Soon it was revealed that children were exposed to toxic chemicals from unknown sources. The cycle of exposure increased in recent weeks and thousands of girls in various parts of the country have been poisoned with toxic chemicals which the government says they don’t know about or how this happened.

It is ironic that in a country where if an activist writes a slogan on a wall is rapidly known and taken into custody, throwing canister of toxic chemicals which can only be produced in military labs, cannot be found. Is it acceptable that chemical agents are in the hands of the criminals outside the military and militia forces? If that is the case, then Iranians are in greater danger than the present situation. It means that there are forces beyond the government itself who are given a free hand to poison the children in schools. Nevertheless, we all know that this is the last resort of a vicious regime at the end of its existence.

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