The Islamic state in Iran is targeting school girls by chemical poisoning.

In recent months and as the situation in Iran is deteriorating both politically and economically and the Iranians inside and outside the country have demonstrated their hatred of the regime, a wave of chemical attacks on girls school children has spread to many towns and cities. Children are often poisoned by inhaling gas in their classrooms and taken to hospitals. No one has taken responsibility for these murderous acts and the numerous security and police forces who are often quick to find demonstrators and anti-government activists have done nothing to find the source of such criminal activities. This means that the perpetrator is from among themselves, either the security services or other fundamentalist groups who work with the government and is part of the forces to silence the people.

We all know that young teenage girls and boys have been a formidable force in the street demonstrations and this is how the murderous Islamic state is taking revenge from them. What is happening on the streets of Iranian cities and towns, on the schools and universities and workplaces and factories is the result of years of oppression on the one hand and the mismanagement of the country on the other hand. Now, the economy is on the brink of collapse, the people are not afraid to speak their minds and tell this government and its leader that enough is enough. Pack up and leave our country or what is left of it.

We want a better life. We deserve better than this and we will take our country back.

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