This is Iran, violence against children.

This child was beaten up by a woman in Iran on the street for not wearing proper ‘hejab’. She has been traumatised as is seen in this photo. The Iranian authorities have advised her family and threatened them to stop publicising the matter. However, this photo taken by someone went viral against the order of the Islamic regime which has taken the Iranian hostage to its brutality.
Almost 6 months after the start of the revolution Womam-Life-Frredom, Iranian women are increasingly under pressure to go back to the compulsory hejab and various forms of intimidation and terror are in practice to force those who have said no to the compulsory hejab.
The violence against this young school girl by a woman who belongs to the Islamic regime’s faction is just a small part of what Iranian women and girls are experiencing on daily basis.
There has also been rumours to stop the school girls who took their hejab off at the peak of demonstrations after the murder of Mahsa/Jina Amini as the police custody, to not let them go to school.
Against all international conventions and norms, the Islamic government in Iran is systematically subjecting women to humiliation and coercion to get them in line with its brutal, inhumane practices.
Maybe it is time for the world to stop treating the Islamic regime in Iran like a legitimate government which it is not as it has lost legitimacy among the Iranians inside and outside the country.

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