The need to have an independent woman organisation

Women of Iran have suffered a lot under the rule of the mullahs in the past 44 years. Women of Iran have never stopped fighting against the Islamic regime in Iran right from the beginning to present where we can see that they are creating the first Women’s revolution in the world. Nevertheless, we as women do not have a centralised system to gather ideas, to organise our movement and to reach out to the people as women with an agenda and concrete demands. We often gather together and discuss ideas and work to implement them but we lack collectively and an a platform to share our ideas with the world. We have a large number of women inside and outside Iran who are talented, passionate and true leaders of our society but their voices are scattered across the globe without having a centralised platform to turn them into a platform for action.
Women in Iran have the highest education and expertise but due to the lack of organisation they are becoming marginalised even if they succeed to remove the current oppressive regime and bring a democratic system.
An independent women’s organisation which gathers women from inside and outside of the country and give them platform to organise their demands and to participate in political activities, negotiations and become a one voice for half of the population will create the opportunity to be part of the national dialogue and part of the future of the country. Active, independent and with concrete strategies to promote women’s participation in the future of a secular, democratic society.
we must work towards creating an independent women’s organisation which will be the voice of women. An organisation which will provide opportunities for women from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, ethnicity, gender, inside and outside of the country.
Let’s move towards creating a women organisation today as tomorrow might be too late.

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