We are almost there!

It is more than 6 months that Iranians inside and outside of the country have demonstrated their anger at the murder of a Kurdish young girl, Mahsa Amini in the police custody for not having proper hejab. Her murder was the last straw for the people who have lived under the oppression and violence imposed by the Islamic regime for 43 years. Iranians inside the country, especially women have been on the streets since and those millions outside have joined in to show their solidarity and support and tell the world that they do not want this regime.
Since September, the start of demonstrations a lot has changed. Large number of people have been arrested and some murdered in custody or executed but the people have continued their protests and are determined to continue until this regime goes into the dustbin of history.
We expect the people of the world to be with us. The governments of Western countries to side with us. A free and democratic Iran will create a safer Middle East and a safer world. A free and democratic Iran will become the pillar of democracy and peace in the region and bring prosperity to the region and the world will be a safer place without the Islamic regime in Iran. Be with us. Support us and together we can work for a peaceful and prosperous Middle East.

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