Persian New Year is just waiting on the bend of road.

The Persian New Year, this year is much different from previous years. In the second part of the year which will end today at around 9 pm, we witnessed a revolt and indeed a revolution against the Islamic regime which has taken our country hostage for the the past 43 years. In the second part of year 1401 we witnessed the Iranians, especially women all walks of life inside and outside the country demonstrate their objection and anger against a regime which is incapable of running the country , which has ruined Iran’s resources to its own aims and strategies of dominating the region and along with it has caused misery for the people. In the atmosphere of repression and corruption, the detention of every voice of opposition, harassing women and girls through various means including torture and murder Iran has turned into a large priso n.

The second part of year 1401, saw the murder of Mahsa/Jina Amini in police custody for not having “proper hejab” which resulted in demonstrations all over the country and spilled over to the outside Iran, where millions of Iranians demonstrated in solidarity with Mahsa’s family and her brutal murder. Demonstrations against Mahsa Amini’s murder soon turned into a widespread movement against the totality of the regime all over the world. Iranians showed their anger and disgust at the treatment of women by the government agents and demanded an end to the 43 years of misery. In hard road to freedom so far about 600 have been killed, including over 60 children, thousands are detained in various detention centres, a number have been executed and the battle is still raging and going on.

Let’s hope that year 1402 would be the beginning of the end of the theocratic , corrupt Islamic regime in Iran.

Let’s hope that women would be free to live their lives in whatever way they want.

Let’s hope that the Iran would get rid of all manifestations of politics and religion mixing together and people be free to believe or not believe in any God or prophet.

Let’s hope that blossoms bloom in the rose gardens of Shiraz and music would be heard from across town and the girls dance around the square and lovers hold hands without fear and out neighbours in other countries sit and watch us in wonder.

Happy New Year to all Iranians, Afghans, Tajiks and all other nations and peoples who celebrate the coming of Spring as we have done in the past 3000 years.

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