A second letter to my MP requesting a session at the parliament to inform the MPs of Iran situation

Dear Sarah,

On 27 October I sent you an email in which I requested, of possible to book a room in the Houses of Parliament for us, a number of Iranian women, so we can brief the MPs and interested parties of the latest developments in Iran.

We have now received the news that 227 MPs in the Islamic parliament of Iran have written a letter, urging the government and the judiciary to execute anyone who speaks against the government.

this is an alarming notice which might pave the way for the execution of thousands of the protestors who have been detained since the demonstrations began in september and has continued to this day. Protests against a regime which has taken the majority of the iranians hostage to its archaic notions of governance among extreme corruption and mismanagement.

Dear Sarah,

As our MP, as a woman who cares about other women I urge you to help us inform the UK parliament of the dangers facing the people of Iran and especially women who are out on the streets to reject the fundamentalist regime and many have been detained without trace.

We believe in this interconnected world, the British government has a responsibility to listen to us, Iranian diaspora who want their country of origin and its people live their lives in line with other developed nations. the European parliament and EU countries have already taken some steps to sanction and limit the capacity of the Islamic institutions and individuals.

At this moment in time, we are concere3ned that the letter 227 MPs have published is a concealed plan to quash the protests. Let’s remember that the current president, Mr Raisi was one of the judges in the “Death Committee” who sanctioned the execution of over 7,000 political prisoners in 1988 massacre.

All these are worrying signs we want to warn the British government and urge them to raise their objections to the possibility of killing the people who want freedom to choose their way of life.

There are many other urgent issues such as demand to expel iran from the CSW, a UN body which decides on the situation of owmen and Ironically iran was appointed to be its member among our objections to that ironic choice.

However, what we want to present, given the opportunity is the recent developements and our deep concern for the new strategies the Islamic regime is taking and ask the MPs to publically show their support for the Iranian people and take a tough stance against the islamic regime in Iran.

Kind regards,

Rouhi Shafii

A letter

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