Expel the Islamic Republic of Iran’s representatives from the CSW!

while Iran and women of Iran are fighting for their lives and their livelihood.

While women and young girls are being beaten up and dragged to the vehicles and taken to unknown destinations to be abused, tortured and raped by the agents of the Islamic regime, UN Commission On the Status of Women has kept the Islamic Republic’s representative at its board of directors to decide about the lives of women.
How can it be possible to have women from such repressive country to give rights of women across the globe? A country whose women are fighting relentlessly against discrimination, violence, brutality. A country where half of the population is discriminated against for just being female. The female body which has been the centre of geopolitics of the regime and the rest of the world. While the Islamic regime used women as a flag of its Islamisation, women rejected to become one. Women proved that they will not go under compulsory hejab just to prove that Iran is an Islamic country. Those who took to power and monopolised all resources for their aims couldn’t keep women under their reign. Women, generation, after generation proved that the Islamic regime cannot turn them into a flag under which to control and oppress, to rob the country’s resources and wealth in order to stay in power and expand its influence all over the world.
Women of Iran are vanguards of a female revolution in the Middle East. They will change the face of the region in the near future. Be proud for being a part of this amazing process.

We demand the expulsion of the Islamic regime from the board of CSW immediately.

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