On the streets of over 200 towns and cities in Iran

The youth of Iran, especially the girls are making history. Unafraid of the many armed agents of the Islamic regime they are in control of the streets and have shown great courage in confronting the army of thugs, mercenaries and trained riot police. Its now over 40 days since the murder of the 22 years old Kurdish girl , Mahsa Amini by the morality police. Demonstrations against such brutal murder have spread across the country. People, especially the under 20s are tired of a life which is under control of a theocratic, archaic regime. Young girls have taken off their unwanted head scarves and burned them in show of their hatred. The streets of many cities and towns are filled with young people who chant their desire to be free of restrictions and the cruelty of the regime.

The murder of Mahsa Amini and the consequent murder of the 17 years old Nika Shakarami and a humber of other girls and boys has sparked a fire which will not be extinguished unless the current theocratic regime goes into the dustbin if history. Iran will not return to the times before these authorities. The young generation will not sacrifice their lives in vain. It is the duty of all Iranians outside of the country to inform the public, the politicians and the governments wherever they reside of the atrocities committed by the Islamic regime in Iran.

We urge all the governments in the western countries:

1- To close down the embassies of the Islamic republic and send their representatives back.

2- To stop making any deals with the currents regime and show solidarity with the Iranian people.

3- To close down the Shiat Islamic centres which are funded and run by the Islamic state to train Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists.

4- To freeze the assets of the relatives of the Iranian regime as they did with the Russian oligarchs.

If the Iranians manage to defeat the Islamic regime and send their leaders and key associates ti stand trial in an international court, the world will be a mire peaceful place. The Iranian youth, the Iranian people, especially women if Iran deserve better.


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